‘Music Copyright Explained’ is a free user-friendly guide to how music copyright works in the UK.

It explains how copyright gives music-makers control over the songs and recordings they create.

It talks through how music-makers and the music industry generate income out of their music rights.

It outlines all the key things music-makers and other creators need to know about music copyright and licensing.

Among other things, inside you will find the top five music copyright facts, the top five tips for music makers and the top five tips for users of music – all explained in more detail.


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Check out our top five music copyright facts…

#01: There are two sets of music rights

#02: Copyright allows music-makers to control what happens to their music

#03: Copyright is automatic – collaborators need to agree ownership

#04: Music-makers work with business partners to manage their music rights

#05: Performers have rights even if they don’t own the copyright in a recording

Get more info and tips about music copyright…

#01: Making Money From Music Copyright

#02: Music Copyright Around The World

#03: Top Five Tips For Music-Makers

#04: Top Five Tips For Users Of Music

#05: Useful Links

‘Music Copyright Explained’ has been commissioned by the UK government’s Intellectual Property Office and produced by CMU, a London-based company that helps people navigate and understand the music business through media, training and consultancy.

Intellectual Property Office is an operating name of the Patent Office.