#05: Useful Links

Check out these other online resources for music-makers.

Get Paid Guide is a guide to music metadata, running through the codes and information music-makers need to get paid.

CLIP is an online resource from WIPO For Creators and the Music Rights Awareness Foundation providing information on key aspects of intellectual property rights for creators.

The music industry sometimes issues licences via the collective licensing system – this is managed by the industry’s collecting societies (aka collective management organisations, performing right organisations or music licensing companies).

The main UK collecting societies are as follows…

PRS represents the performing rights of songwriters and music publishers issuing licences via its company PRS For Music.

MCPS represents the mechanical rights of songwriters and music publishers – but also allows PRS For Music to issue its licences.

PPL represents the rights of performers and record labels where collective licensing applies.

PPL PRS is a joint venture between PRS and PPL that issues TheMusicLicence for the public performance of recorded music.

There are a number of organisations in the music industry that support and represent specific groups of music-makers and/or music companies. These organisations provide access to training, networking events and other resources, as well as campaigning on key issues on behalf of their members.

UK music industry organisations include…

Ivors Academy is an association for songwriters and composers.

Musicians’ Union (MU) is the trade union for musicians.

Incorporated Society Of Musicians (ISM) is an association for musicians.

Featured Artists Coalition (FAC) is an association for music artists.

Music Producers Guild (MPG) is an association for record producers and sound engineers.

BPI is a trade association for the UK’s recorded music industry.

Music Publishers Association (MPA) is a trade association for the UK’s music publishing industry.

Association Of Independent Music (AIM) is a trade association for the UK’s independent music sector.

Music Managers Forum (MMF) is a trade association for music managers.

Council Of Music Makers brings together Ivors, MU, FAC, MPG and MMF.

UK Music brings together PRS, PPL, Ivors, MU, FAC, MPG, BPI, MPA, AIM and MMF.

LIVE brings together organisations representing the live music sector in the UK.

There are a number of charities which support musicians and the music industry. These include…

Help Musicians

PRS Foundation

Youth Music

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