#06: Tips & Quotes

GEE DAVY from the Association Of Independent Music: “Knowledge is power and an understanding of music copyright hands that power to musicians and songwriters seeking to earn from their talents, and to anyone building a business releasing or working with music. Copyright provides opportunities to build musical careers and businesses, and this guide provides a straightforward and practical tour through the foundations. I’ll be recommending it widely”.

JAMIE NJOKU-GOODWIN from UK Music: “Copyright is fundamentally important – it underpins our world-leading music industry and gives creators control over their work. This invaluable guide from the Intellectual Property Office will equip music-makers with the right tools to ensure they are properly rewarded for what they create”.

SIMON BOURN from PRS for Music: “Copyright forms the foundation of the entire music business. Gaining an understanding of it allows you to control how, where and through whom your music is monetised”.

ANDREA CZAPARY MARTIN from PRS for Music: “The more a music creator understands about their rights, and how to make them work most efficiently for them, the better equipped they will be to navigate the business side of our industry and have a successful long-term career”.

PETER LEATHEM from PPL: “Copyright is the legal framework upon which much of the music industry’s income is dependent. Without it, music creators would have no control over what happens to their work or be properly recognised and compensated for it. PPL’s revenues are a clear demonstration of the value of copyright, with £271.8 million collected in 2019 from our copyright licensing activity on behalf of our performer and recording rights-holder members”.

GRAHAM DAVIES from The Ivors Academy: “Music creators are the inventors of the music industry. What they invent is magical, essential and valuable. Educating all on the importance of copyright is fundamental to protecting the rights of creators and giving them the tools to translate their talents into a profession”.

CAMILLA WAITE from PPL: “Music copyright can be daunting for those new to it. As a lawyer at an organisation that works hard to explain clearly how we fit into it all, I’m delighted to see the approach taken in ‘Music Copyright Explained’. It’s the perfect ‘big bang’ beginner’s guide to music rights and helpfully positions the collective licensing systems”.

CRISPIN HUNT from The Ivors Academy: “Copyright is the currency of musiccreation. It’s so important for creators not only to cultivate their craft but to develop the key business knowledge to ensure value is appropriately placed on their works”.

NAOMI POHL from the MU: “Copyright is intended to enable creators to benefit financially from their works and control how they’re used. For that reason, I would advise creators to hold on to their rights where possible. Take advice before you sign any contract, choose your partners very carefully and try to avoid buy-outs as these mean others benefit from and control your works. Royalties are a crucial part of most artists’ income and should be protected”.

KIARON WHITEHEAD from the BPI: “Whether you’re established in the music industry or just starting out, keeping up to date with the basics of music copyright will serve you well. Copyright law and music licensing can become complex, but the basic principles are relatively easy to understand. Keeping on top of them will help you properly protect your own rights and ensure that you understand the parameters of how to legally use other people’s music”.

TIM MOSS from the IPO: “The UK has an amazing, world-leading music community. It makes a significant contribution to the UK economy and promotes the UK on the global stage. As more people make and share music online, or videos containing music, it’s important those creators understand the intellectual property they are creating and exploiting. ‘Music Copyright Explained’ does a brilliant job of breaking down the often-complicated world of music copyright and music licensing in a way that makes it easy to understand. In doing so it will help creators ensure their work is rewarded, shared and used in the right way”.

PHIL KEAR from the MU: “An understanding of copyright allows music-makers to ensure their performances and creations are adequately protected from unauthorised use and therefore to realise their full financial potential. It can often seem a complex subject, but even a basic knowledge can ensure a creator knows which rights they hold, how those rights are properly enforced and how they can be used to generate financial reward”.